E-40 - Pop Ya Collar

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    Uh-huh; barbecue or mildew hhhoe?
    Ssshit heh
    My fetti has a first name - it's E-A-R-L
    About my mail ssshit!
    Nigga you know I'm up in this motherfucker on a good one!
    Fffuck yes!!

    You know what I mean? It's like a a Y-2-Yea thing y'know?
    (Haha) We does this out here (fo' schizzie)
    We pop our collars; please believe that playboy (like this here)

    My moves is swift I'm stiff with mine
    Remi Martin straight then I hit it with lime
    It's time to shine to strike my pose
    Five carats on my pinky pickin my nose (BEATCH)
    I stroll on hoes and give 'em a chance
    to let me see the ass while they backup dance
    I glance and breeze - if the body is true
    I'm off and on to part two (part TWO)

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