E-40 - Million Dollar Spot

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    Righteous people be knowin what I be doin is protect my peoples
    million dollar spot
    Uhh that's right uhh my million dollar spot
    My million dollar spot (beyatch) my million dollar spot
    My million dollar spot on the block bring it hot (beyatch)
    On the spot my million dollar spot uhh

    Verse One: E-40

    Major loot seriously niggaz don't wanna dispute
    Mysteriously a nigga die when you play this game and ain't know the time
    I suck the life out your ass by pushin mute
    Shit can get stanky like a poot (like a poot)
    I got dog poop crank yes I pollute
    Leave the whole block ¤¤¤¤y unrecouped
    I'm like a record company givin out advancements
    Get my money back by any circumstances
    My million dollar spot not to mention
    Drive through service Church's chicken
    A bu-a-bucket ¤¤¤¤ of acid by the do

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