E-40 - Hope I Don't Go Back

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    [E-40 having a playalistic converstaion]
    Hoppin over barbed wire fences nigga
    Had this one broad right SHE was so damn sprung
    she used to hold my motherfuckin.. motherfuckin SAC nigga!
    Thought you though nigga
    And a motherfuckin.. V.H.S. uhh motherfuckin cannister
    Nigga yeah ay I promise you nigga this game been so damn good
    (Said this rap game's been good to me)

    Hard times
    (But I don't know how long that's gonna be..)

    *Chorus: repeat 2X*
    Hope I don't go back to slangin ya-yo
    Slangin llello to get my maillll

    Verse One: E-40

    Been a hustler since birth mama sellin dinners for the church
    Red-handed caught me stealin money out her purse
    Got branded permanent whip scars on my back
    Cause I used to get beat with racing car tracks
    But now me got wealth holdin a conference call on my
    hands free car telephone lookin like I'm talkin to myself
    Shootin the breeze cuttin it up real smooth like
    choppin it up like true business

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