E-40 - Go Hard Or Go Home

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    (feat. The Federation)

    Introducing...E-40...the almighty...707...Rick Rock...Federation...(Whoooooo)

    Go [x9] Hey hey.

    Go hard [x2]

    Ooh...Verbal vomit...I keep it one tonic
    Not the scrill but you can call me ebonics
    Sideshows goin nutty dumbin out
    Take the wrong turn and get your roof stomped out
    Old school vans doors open me and my coupe
    We some stoners we get high like Shaggy from Scooby Doo
    I'm whiskeyed I'm hit I ain't go no patience pimp
    But I'm a couple tacos short of a combination
    Ooh...Get on your head like a shower from the gravel
    Where them scandalous dope deals be goin sour
    We can swivel grown metal flower want the fast quarter fuck a slow nickel 6 bucks an hour
    From the rooter to the tooter He's the driver I'm the shooter

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