E-40 - From The Ground Up

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    Testin testin
    It's game orienfested size six-ex vested
    K-Cizee.. JoJo... that boy Too Sheezee Todd Shaw
    and Earl Stevens a.k.a. Charlie Hustle
    Hey Todd you on? (Am I on?)

    *K-Ci and JoJo singing*

    [Too $hort]
    The foundation was laid several years ago
    I built a whole empire in your stereo
    Got a four leaf clover representin the Bay
    Oakland Frisco Vallejo and EPA
    We keep the shit together let's keep it that way
    From Sacramento all the way to San Jose
    We in a new era for ten years you made hits
    so what's up E-Feezi? (We still the shit) Beotch!

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