E-40 - Doin' Dirt Bad

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    Mobb shit biatch.

    Biatch!! Biatch!!

    This shit ain't went no where. (Trademark)

    You understand me?? (Uh!)
    It's like when a muthafucka do his dirt
    it don't be no ordinary dirt you understand me??
    A nigga do dirt bad. Check it out.

    I took a I took a whole thang of ice cream
    a kilogram of birdie a unit
    put the wammy on it stepped on it wit out ruinin it or abusin it
    like a muthafucka would supposed to
    when there's a shortage on sumpthin (on sumpthin)
    that way I could get em off like hot cakes
    an you know there's plenty more where that comes from

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