E-40 - Broccoli

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    sung by Otis & Shug*
    Let's get Sick Wid It baby
    Sick Wid it baby yeahehyeahyeahehyeahhahah
    Let's get Sick Wid It baby
    Said I'm gonna get so Sick Wid It yeah
    Said I'm gonna get highhhhh

    I don't need no doctor I don't need no shrink
    All I need is broccoli and a 40-oz to drink
    Smokin that broccoli now takes me out
    Smokin that broccoli now takes me out

    While I was bullshittin
    bitch tried to hit me upside the head with her shoe
    Talin bout "Who the fuck you been doin it to?
    Comin home always smellin like tuna fish and brew"
    I said "Bitch if you don't get up outta my talkin face
    I'ma slap you real tough-like
    and I can almost rest assure you
    that it ain't gon' be no pretty sight ugh"
    24-7 3 sixty fin
    I pull out my dick and spell my name in my piss
    Shoot the hundred fool let's play for pink slips whatchu slammin?
    That there shit across the street? That ugly ass gremlin?
    Buy some sticky you got the pillow
    Here go some Black'n'Mild style split it down the middle
    What's that? That Oakland Crip? Nah it's that white widow
    I was about to say cause they'd botha have your ass
    up in the hospital check it out

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