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    Download Accelerator Plus -Final konusu
    Download Accelerator Plus -Final


    Download hızınızı %400'e varan oranlarda hızlandıran bir download yöneticisi.

    Dial-up ya da yüksek hızlı internet bağlantılarında en iyi performansı veren bu programla hattan düşme, bilgisayarın kapanması, elektrik kesintisi gibi durumlarda endişe etmenize gerek yok. Kaldığınız yerden (sunucu destekliyorsa) yüklemeye devam edebilirsiniz.

    İnternet Explorer, Netscape (6.x dahil), Opera gibi programlara entegre edilebilir olan Download Accelerator, proxy sunucu desteğide sunuyor.

    İnternetten yapılan downloadlara PAUSE özelliği de sunan bu programla istediğiniz zaman dosyanızı ındırmeye devam edebiliyor.

    Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's leading download manager, allows you to download up to 300% faster* with increased reliability, resume support and errors recovery. It searches for mirror sites that most effectively serve your downloads through multiserver connections for optimal utilization of dial-up or broadband connections. DAP automatically recovers from shutdowns, lost connections, and other errors. It is fully integrated into Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera, Mozilla/Firefox and offers a toolbar for Internet Explorer with a links catcher and a highlighter, providing the best possible performance from ANY Internet connection (dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, T1 etc.), allowing a Faster and more Reliable download experience. It features auto-hang-up after downloading, proxy settings, scheduling, and a unique AlwaysResume service.

    DAP Features:
    - Preview pane – Preview downloads of Music and Video files
    - Download list - Advanced management of downloads queues, priorities and statuses
    - File Information pane – Advanced information of downloaded files and sources
    - Completed downloads list – Separate list of completed downloads
    - DAP Drive integration – Save downloads and Upload files to DAP Drive web storage
    - Media Center Tab – Conveniently manage your media files
    - Superior Usability – New interface with flexible design options
    - Integrates with all browsers – Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla/Firefox

    Download Accelerator Plus registered version includes:
    - Zip Extract - download & extract specific files from zip archive
    - Removal of the Banner Advertisement within the application
    - DAP Skin Selection
    - Management of site passwords and other relevant info (unlimited)
    - Tray icon minimization while downloading
    - Prioritized technical support
    - Extreme acceleration speed - for faster download rate

    Only with DAP Premium:
    - Extremely faster - x10 connections per download!
    - Absolutely no advertisements!
    - Totally customized download experience!
    - Shredder to totally eliminate files you don't need!
    - Trace Cleaner -keep your privacy after browsing!
    - Preview & extract zip files while downloading!
    - Cool new look, more comfortable management features!

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