DeskCalc Busines Pro v4.2.24

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    DeskCalc Busines Pro v4.2.24 konusu
    DeskCalc Busines Pro v4.2.24


    DeskCalc Busines Pro v4.2.24

    Gelişmiş bir hesaplama programı.
    DeskCalc is a feature rich “paper tape calculator” with all of the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Features include: a check-strip with ergonomic text input options; data correction features (update, add and delete values); built-in formula interpreter; sales tax functions; memory function; percentage calculations; currency-conversion; floating point & fixed point calculations, thousands separators; fast correction key; display of the results in task strip and window title line; printing with heading and date/time; and export to Excel.

    • Adding machine input logic
    • Expression calculator input logic
    • Load/Save Tape
    • Tape
    • Print Tape
    • Sizeable calculator display
    • Currency converter
    • Tax button
    • Excel export
    • Modify tape values like in Excel
    • Copy result to clipboard
    • Extra space on your Desktop
    • Battery or Power Supply
    • Expensive paper

    Home Page:

    Size: 2.63 mb

    DeskCalc.Business.Pro.v4.2.24.Multilingual.WinAll. Incl.-NeoX


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