Deftones - Back To School

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    Deftones - Back To School

    so run!!

    right back to school
    look back i sift through all the cliques
    runnin' the halls all year makin me sick
    while everyone's out trying to make the cut (what)
    and when you think you know me right
    i switch it up
    behind the walls smokin' cigarettes
    and slippin' vodka
    hop a fence to catch a cab
    aint no one can stop us
    give me a break i'm on some other mess
    what will you act like
    it's everything you got

    push back the square
    now that you need her
    but you don't
    so there you go
    cuz back in school
    we are the leaders
    of it all

    so stop that quit
    all that quit
    who ruined it
    you did
    no grab a notebook and a pen
    start takin notes on me
    and everyone whos on the top
    you think we're on the same page
    but i know we're not
    i'll be the man
    watch your backpacks pens and pencils
    and just like kieth i'm flippin it
    while you just keep it simple
    you just can't go on
    rockin the clothes
    coppin the jams
    cuz' really
    it's everything that you got


    or stop you life
    it's what you do
    or stop you life
    so run

    so why don't you run
    so why don't you
    so why don't you run
    back to school
    so why don't you run
    so why don't you

    all you are
    i'm on the next page
    all you are
    it's time to close the book up
    all you are
    i'm on the next page
    all you are
    close the book up now


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