CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter v7.2 (Retail)

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    CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter v7.2 (Retail) konusu
    CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter v7.2 (Retail)


    CoffeeCup Flash Firestarter v7.2 (Retail)

    Nornal bir flash programı ile yapacağınızı daha kısa sürede ve iyi biçimde yapmanızı sağlar... Bu program ile flash animasyonlar hazırlayabilirsiniz.Bu flash animasyonlara ise resim slayt gösterisi yazı efektler ve daha bir çok şey ekleyebilirsiniz...
    CoffeeCup Firestarter is the fastest and easiest way to make Flash Effects for your Website. It quickly creates complex text and image effects with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can make Flash Intro pages, navigation systems, graphic logos, or whatever you want !
    Firestarter has over 65 built in ready to use effects like Assemble, Explode, Fade, and more, a collection of cool MP3 Sounds, plus it's all in an easy to use interface. No more struggling with expensive, complex software, with CoffeeCup Firestarter you will be making really cool Effects in a Flash !

    Feature List:
    • Converts GIF Animations to tiny Flash files
    • Creates Awesome Flash Animations with ease !
    • Transparency for animations on any background !
    • Over 65 Easy to use Preset Effects.
    • Easy to Use and Understand Interface
    • Add Text, Images, Sounds, Links and Shapes.
    • Control Motion, Opacity, Layer Order, and more.
    • Includes over 50 cool mp3 Sounds.
    • Import Images from all popular formats.
    • ActionScript Timeline for Greater Control !
    • Convert any Animated GIF to a Small Flash file.
    • Built In FTP to Upload your Movies, no need for another program.
    • Exports as Macromedia Flash™ (.swf)
    • SHTML Code Generator, just Copy & Paste into your page.
    • New Banner Wizard makes Flash Ads in a Snap !
    • Import Images from all popular formats.
    • Automatically converts wav's to mp3's for faster loading
    • Movie Transparency - Put your movies on any background !


    Home Page:

    Size: 6.87 mb


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