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    A Trip Out Of Town
    Album : Anarchy

    yo, it all began like, bust it
    My nigga City bout to bounce on a trip
    We met some niggas with alot of things they want em to flip
    I told my nigga get the dough and keep the blau on your hip
    Travel safe, you know that I'ma hold it down on the strip
    Good lookin, word to mother son I give you my wit
    But when I get back, I'ma bounce straight to your crib
    On the strength, son slid until you to the Greyhound
    Wit a burner in the knapsack, headed straight outta town
    Now, three days pass I'm still on the strip
    Doin hand to hand with twelve collapsible, stashable clips
    With little magnets on the side of the clips we planted like a project
    When police come we stick the clips in any metal object
    Throwin a nigga on the walls and try to search me down
    I laugh knowin that my stash'll never be found
    Well anyway, on the third day, son came straight to the strip
    Wit a new floss and shiny shoes on the whip
    My nigga hit me with the latest, greatest
    He told me get inside the whip so I can know just what the up to date is
    He said he fuckin wit some Guyanese niggas how ill them niggas is
    What kind of dough they get, and how they handle they biz
    How they connect with Jamaician niggas who speak American
    And how they chains swung a medallion iced out pelicans
    And how they stay wit four pounders
    And speak American to try to blend in
    Like they aint obvious out of towners
    Okay, I've never heard of workers gettin five G's pay
    For trips that last for only 2-3 day
    How these Guyanese niggas be eatin pasta but they love zucchini
    Rockin valor tennis suits by Sergio Tecchini
    Them type of cats that call you because you can't call 'em
    Rockin baseball fitters with wild animal skins on 'em
    How they rock silks and tailor made pants
    And get a matching bally shoe for the silk to step in the dance
    Washrags hangin from every one of our back pockets
    >From every fine wine to champagne them niggas'll straight cop it
    And set up shops in them neighborhoods that was residential
    Rock laced whips while the workers'll floss the latest rentals
    How they fuck with arrogant bitches who act pussy
    And love to hustle wit niggas and stash coke up in they pussy
    After all of that I wanted ones
    The way my nigga was talkin so next trip I went to bounce with son
    So now we out of town with Guyanese cats
    Up in they gates bubbling packages and layin wit gats
    Shit was slow until the main fiend was offed
    Just like a thief in the night
    And spread the word that we was back with the white

    'Ayo why don't you tell that crackhead to close the fuckin door
    and shut the fuck up'
    'Yeah man and clean the motherfucking spot up, smell like...'
    'Break the fuckin breakdown in the working city... yo go get the plates
    and the gym star'
    'Yo light that up, lemme hit that, gimme a light, yeah man cut that'
    'Fuck this shit'

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Yeah, see how we blowin pa
    The lookout niggas holdin fort like they was watchtowers
    Buggin on how we went through, a half a brick every couple of hours
    So on and so on, shit is good and we eatin
    First nigga to short a package will catch the most brutal beatin
    The whole town, see we now own it
    Carryin on and blemishing all in the hearts of the best moments
    We stackin cheddar now and shit is all clear
    And we was growin as workin niggas wit aspiring ideas
    We love to floss and the feeling of pushing chrome shit
    But in the grand scheme these niggas'll love to have they own shit
    Now these niggas was really ready to swell up
    We decided to separate from them niggas and make our shit develop
    Off in to the wilderness of the wicked Husid
    We set up shops and watched the games begin
    So now we ballin like a motherfucker, money was sick
    Gas on the cheddar and these bitches ridin the dick
    Fuckin everything from the local McDonald's bitches with the biggest ass
    To attorney bitches that'll beat a charge fast
    We used to takin niggas' custies and leave they set up on tilt
    And watch 'em angrily scheme on the shit that we built
    Aint it funny how shit transpire in fact
    Not too long after our ride we took the winner's stash, house was at
    Some niggas tried to run a jook with things in they palm
    Not a problem so immediately reach for the john
    Right away the gun BUST! straight lifted a nigga
    How we moved his organs with kickback, shifted a nigga
    Wild shots fire, everybody scatter like rats
    Leavin nothing but gunpowder and a trail of smoke in these gats
    Now we got this faggot nigga blood on our hands
    But fuck it, determined to fulfill the best of these plans
    Shit was hot but we was nowhere near ready to fall
    My son said he shot, but he wasn't bleeding at all
    Word, I started buggin when my nigga said he feel cold
    Then I looked up on the right side of his shirt and found a little hole
    So as we continue to radically blaze the fifth
    Flame the iron, not giving a fuck, y'all niggas wanna rip?
    Well we deaded three out of the four niggas who tried to jook
    One nigga slid and think he got off the hook
    Now let me find out one out of them three niggas we bodied
    Was one of them Guyanese niggas who buy drinks up for the party
    He was the nigga to flood the table with champagnes
    Stupid motherfucker tried to front, we had to leak his brain
    Suddenly my nigga fell to the floor
    And said his legs feel like them shits aint got no feelins no more
    More the actin up the more the shit I felt in my gut
    The shit was all over as soon as the director said CUT!

    That's a wrap, good actin motherfuckers, good actin
    That's the shit I'm talkin about
    Y'all ready to watch the playback?
    Fuck around, that shit'll be a box office smash motherfuckers
    [TH END]

  2. Abandon Ship
    Album : The Coming

    [Busta Rhymes]
    UHHHH!! You don't know what we doin right here!

    [Intro/Chorus One: repeat 2X]

    One two three we gon' turn it out
    And make you rock to the beat and then scream and shout
    We gonna hit you with the shit we got here
    We gonna blow your miiiinnnd (blow your miiiinnnd)
    Keep it movin like this, keep it movin like that
    If I die, I'ma only come back
    Yo, I'm saying if you think that you can step to me wrong
    Don't even waste your tiiiimmme (waste your tiiiimmme)

    [Chorus Two:]

    You niggaz talk shit then abandon ship
    Niggaz talk shit then they abandon ship
    Niggaz talk shit, then they abandon ship
    Niggaz talk shit then they abandon ship

    [Verse One: Rampage the Last Boy Scout, Busta Rhymes]

    I 8Off like the Assassin, now I'm blastin I'm takin over
    Stick you for your blue Range Rover
    I told ya, Rampage a real live soldier
    Been in the game, sinc the age of thirteen
    A microphone fiend, so I'm goin to see my P.O.
    It's August the 1st, so I guess I'm a Leo
    My P.O., look like Vanessa Del Rio
    She pulled my rap sheet, just like, Neo Geo

    Hahahaaa! I always roam through the forest
    Just like a brontosaurus, born in the month of May
    so my sign is Taurus, kick you in your face
    like my fuckin name was Chuck Norris, make you sing my chorus
    Rock to the beat and then, turn into a walrus
    You remain nameless, my victory remains flawless
    Acting like you wild, but I know you really harmless
    While your time is coming, I make the fat shit regardless

    Many niggaz wanna know when the Ramp return
    Yo I'm gettin phone calls from that nigga Howard Stern
    He wants to know about my Flip Mode click
    The way we get down and BUST NIGGAZ SHIT
    LP after LP, we make G's
    I run up in your ganks den take you for your keys
    I'm not lying or joking, you get broken
    Dead in Flatbush, back to Roanoake and...

    People always askin me, how your shit be sellin
    For makin shit guaranteed to bust your fuckin melon
    Police throwed me up on charges like I was a felon
    There was no tellin, when I was strikin had you swellin
    Cruisin in my Lands, watch the police how they be gellin
    Lock you up for days and got a nigga ass smellin
    Yo FUCK THAT! You best believe there ain't no time for dwellin
    If you ain't makin noise you need to kill the fuckin yellin

    [Chorus One]
    [Chorus Two]

    [Verse Two: Rampage, Busta]

    Yo, yo, yo I run up in your set like a New York city...
    I can't slip, I beat you down with my vice grip
    Your lost, that means you way off course
    No remorse, I'm gettin five in The Source

    I be saddleback biting motherfuckers like a horse
    Turn and toss, niggaz all up in my applesauce
    Watch me reinforce, my shit feel good like intercourse
    Ever since I was a shorty rockin Hugo Boss

    Aiyyo bust it Bust (why) you just made my day
    If you didn't put me on I'd be locked like O.J.
    Now I'm writin rhymes hittin shorties everyday
    In the full runnin drinkin ice Tanqueray
    I don't eat pork I take a fish fellet
    Now I'm knockin out niggaz from .. to .. touche!
    Now I'm goin back around the way
    I'm rippin shit, like my name was Marvin Gaye

    Yo, now I'm back with more Bionic like my name was Colt Seavers
    Got you niggaz open like a bunch of wide receivers
    Time is on the meter, go clean your act up in the cleaners
    Chickenhead, give me some of your chicken fajitas
    Yo I beg your pardon, I write my rhymes way past the margins
    Squeeze the Charmin, peace to one million men marchin
    When you talk shit you really don't know what you startin
    Now your shit is done like a fuckin empty milk carton

    It's on for the nine-six, mad shows at the Ritz
    Now we got you open like Fixx
    Stickin to your stomach like Quaker Oat Grits
    Fisherman hat with my brand new kicks
    On the low, I still rock my Girbauds
    See the show, I got my nickel plated fo'-fo'
    All my rough niggaz open the do'
    Cause Boy Scout brings the ruckus and I'm still hardco'

    Yo, when I walk streets you know my blade's a little sharper
    Fuck Peter Parker, I cross you like a magic marker
    Everytime I hit I always hit a little harder
    Blazing to the point where niggaz look a little darker
    Catching suntans from my music, fans understand
    Making fat shit, I always love to lend a helping hand
    Organized rhyme unit like the Poison Clan
    While your ride is busted, I be your luxury Sedan
    Number one nigga in the chain of command
    Breakin fool in school like my nigga Geechie Dan
    Aiyyyyyo, I see intruders on my scan
    Singin at your funeral like Bobby Bluebland

  3. Against All Odds
    Album : Extinction Level Event

    Aiyyo, balls your pencils
    As hollow tips get in you
    Bots cutting to slice your face you
    Rhymes is natural
    Hold two lives and four wives
    Up in the crack capsule
    Flipmode cruddy styles has been past you
    Rush pass
    You couldn't touch cash
    If it was under your nose
    Like a mustache
    What ass
    Show your whole cheek
    Slugs with no heat
    Diamonds that don't break
    You thugs is so sweet

    I float so much I get seasick
    Flipmode is the Squad who I beez with
    Who I get plucks with
    And push German V's with
    Rampage I'm psychic I can see shit
    To the next millenium
    You not gon be shit
    Scratch your name off the list
    Cut your wrist
    You know the issue
    I'm official
    When you die none of your niggas is really gon miss you

    Here to drop bombs
    Still remain gods
    We always come hard
    Call a National Guard

    [Rah Digga]
    Here we go
    Any bitch that rhyme wanna flex she ass
    I'm stomping all things like I'm plexi-glass
    Niggas make way like when they hear sirens
    Treat you like park and too close to fire hydrants
    All up in the board
    Kicking back long islands
    Get your wig split first solid defiance
    Rah Earth and sun in this Imperial alliance
    You do the science

    [Spliff Star]
    I'm getting money shitting, turn intruders into vixens
    Fall off beeper uh-uh niggas stay getting
    Dirty nigga for life
    That's how Spliff's living
    Throwing niggas in caskets
    Tired of a yellow ribbons
    I buck my duck if you touch my one
    Rather Jamaican than belly boy make you people for fun
    Fat Man's Son, street educated
    The colonel of ghetto jurors, still thug related


    [Lord Have Mercy]
    We enemies of three strike felony laws
    Gorilla dicking K-Y jelly for whores
    Lapdances trap grands without laws
    My baby moms, three eighty for your arms
    That bust with loud force
    The ghetto with us
    That bang Makaveli in trucks
    That whatever the fuck to give a cheddar in chunks
    Who gazey chase
    Fake thugs with lazy aid
    Track marks
    Rap stars
    And a rain of aids

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Yo, what you want from us
    Now visualize more of us
    Stay toting under my given flavor from Nauticas
    Destroy every arch rival or any challenger
    Make you remember this day
    Nigga mark it on your calendar
    I'm showing you something
    You ain't saying nothing
    My niggas make noise
    Like a bunch of volcanoes erupting
    None of y'all niggas really wanna war
    The type of nigga to crash my plane in your building
    In the name of the law

  4. All Night
    Album : Anarchy

    Turn it up (ha ha ha)
    Flimode (ha ha ha)
    Busta Rhymes (ha ha ha)
    Another banging niggas (ha ha ha)
    Another banging niggas (ha ha ha)
    Another banging niggas (ha ha ha)
    Another banging niggas (ha ha ha)


    All night
    To my east niggas West Coast and dirty south,
    we make ya wave your hands up high
    Light L's and drink some liquor it make ya wild out
    All night
    To my niggas and my bitches get money
    If ya running with me
    Wave your hands up high
    A yo I can't see y'all
    You know we hang out in the streets y'all
    All night

    Yes yes y'all
    I be the god up in the flesh y'all
    Bless y'all
    With nothing but the best y'all
    Finesse shit and leave the spot up in a mess y'all
    Bitches, you know the street shit caress y'all
    Sex y'all
    And put a bounce up in your breast y'all
    Yes y'all we about to taste the success y'all
    And quiz niggas like a fucking drug test y'all
    And check y'all
    And let the livest niggas step in
    I keep the burner, what you think I'm turning mine in?
    What the fuck,
    Now all my live motherfuckers boggart or bring it straight to the front
    And let me give y'all niggas just what you want
    More fire for ya fresh off the press
    Shit blazing to death
    Bitches lust talking under they breath
    Hope you niggas know to put on your vest
    Or get a hole in your chest
    Who in this motherfucker
    Take you a guess


    Yeah-Yeah All my niggas
    Yeah-yeah all my bitches
    Yeah-yeah all my thugs
    Yeah-yeah all my soldiers
    Yeah-yeah all my honeys
    Yeah-yeah all my playas
    Yeah-yeah all my live niggas c'mon
    The grand finale y'all
    Put it down and always repping for my family y'all
    What, lets form a nation wide rally y'all
    Of gutter niggas that will piss up in the alley y'all
    Fuck it, now I know you know my rep nigga
    And how it's hard to figure out my next step nigga
    So step nigga, nigga sit your ass down
    The way I mash down
    Will only leave a legacy for me to pass down
    Don't speak unless you're spoken to
    Get broke in two
    Flipmode we be the chosen few
    Yeah nigga entrap y'all
    I know some niggas that'll clap y'all
    And strap y'all
    Up to a post and back slap y'all
    Put y'all in a mailbox and leave open the flap y'all
    That's the hap's that make niggas take forever naps y'all
    Strap y'all all up inside of your seatbelts
    The beats felt like a fire watch the heat melt
    Your patent leather stack cheddar nigga
    Now or never
    Better, whatever nigga feel this hot Beretta
    Cause when we come you know we hit you with that shit for the head
    With nough shit just like the Lox and the dread
    Me and my niggas we be breaking this bread
    With all the blood that we bled
    See we was broke, now we flossing instead
    The shit I drop will never leave you mislead
    Might leave you tired of bed
    Shit ain't over till' the party is dead

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]

    Yeah all my live bitches let me see you just
    Wave your hands up high
    And all my niggas running around getting pussy
    All night

  5. Anarchy
    Album : Anarchy

    What this world is comin to, to, to
    Can you see, see, see, see
    What's in store for you, for you, you, you, you, you, you, you

    [Verse 1]
    Yo, right before I lay your soul to sleep
    Witness the day of your wreckin and wit god on the street
    Behold! What the fuck y'all niggas come around here for
    We massacre the masses so therefore
    Here's your, invitation to explore
    The way we gather up niggas to thoroughly rep for
    My street niggas, C'mon!
    Stressed niggas, C'mon!
    Hungry niggas, C'mon!
    Yes, yes y'all, C'mon!
    Hope my live motherfuckers pass the test y'all
    Prepare for high retribution, and I hope God bless y'all (bless y'all)
    Fuck shit up and watch the truth manifest y'all (fest y'all)
    Feel it in your guts and the burnin in your chest y'all (chest y'all)
    Pushin through just like a wild flood
    With such a pain that's so intense it make y'all wanna cry blood
    My slang talk earned a scholarship, from how to style a chick
    Influnce rulership and earn another dollar quick (quick)
    You need to do the philisophical research
    Fuck around and be the next to die you better leave first
    Yo, my whole crew extra large, stay charged
    Like polytheism havin belief in many gods
    I gotta handful of niggas wit a sick disease
    Die close to destructive anti-social tendencies
    Yo, turn up the treble just a level
    Analyze the science deeper than when Musa symbolized the devil
    Now let me ask y'all

    [you are now in the current state of Anarchy]

    [Verse 2]
    Ha, all hell break loose
    Yo, we fight to the end and never call for a truce
    Y'all niggas better pick and choose and select the battles wisely
    Always with the same approach and never once surprised me
    Ha, however how clever
    Niggas is fighting for mad cheddar
    Yo, cold like the wind blow in the winter
    Make you remember the torture like the frostbite that bit off your finger
    This Means War, I said it before
    Adrenaline rush, heart beat rapid, sweat wet up the floor
    Try to threat and wanna battle me nigga
    I'ma show you the major differnce between a dream and reality nigga
    Yo, then I continuously hype up a nation
    Huddle wit my niggas plan for tomorrow go into isolation
    And analyze how many niggas gon lose
    Tryin to squeeze they foot up in a pair of great man shoes
    And analyze how we was needed to live
    Carry out my dooney give the most thanks and be appreciative
    Pass this to all my seeds after me
    Represent and fight to be that everything my seeds want me to be
    The economy has been at it's best, to all my niggas hungry
    Let's keep weavin and magical methods of makin money
    So I'ma rep at my fullest, you can't spark me
    And fight the hardest in the grim current state of Anarchy...

  6. As I Come Back
    Album : Genesis

    Here we come yo, here we go (Its goin on now) - [3x]
    Busta Rhymes nigga, here we go
    Flipmode nigga, here we go
    Neptunes nigga, here we go
    Once again my niggas, here we go

    [Verse 1]
    Come on, guess whos back in town,
    Bitches get on the dance floor and pull ya shit on doownnah!
    From miles around,
    I been fuckin bitches up and flip a brand new soundraah!
    The most hot shit all around
    So hot it make a bitch wanna give me a poundraah!
    Huh, fall on the ground, (come on)
    Roll up a backwood and stay steamin the brrownraah!
    The way we comin to town,
    See we controllin the fort now, nigga give me the crrownraah!
    Talk that shit to me girl, arrah, wha you say, arrah!
    Strip for me, I got the camcorder shorty make her flip for mearrah!
    And how ya ass get split for mearrah!
    See how we makin you black
    And from the party and we keep the D.J bringin' it back
    Im sayin

    [Hook 2x]
    Uh, uh, uh along with the track man
    Uh pardon me, uh, as I come back
    Uh, uh, uh along with the track man
    Uh pardon me, uh, as I come back, nigga

    [Verse 2]
    What we gon do in two thousand two,
    Eventhough we havin fun in two thousand oneraah!
    Stay strapped, grippin my gun
    Up in the truck, packed with bitches stackin my onerrah!
    And while we wlyin' in fun,
    All of my bitches show me ya ass and rep where you fromraah!
    Come on, arrah, cuttin' it down
    Such a way we make police come and shuttin it downrraah!
    I hope you see how we takin it there
    And while we at it motherfuckers throw ya hands in the airraah!
    Valet parkin the car
    While we up in the club buyin every drink in the barraah!
    We givin you this shit, come on
    We showin niggas how we always flip the script come onrraah!
    Back off, get out of my face,
    And everytime we come through nigga, give me my space
    Im sayin

    [Hook 2x]

    [Verse 3]
    For my dogs we be keepin it raw
    But bitches be gasin a nigga, please give me some moreraah!
    They way you be shakin ya shit to the floorrah!; Damn!...arrah!!
    I'ma give it to you mami for sure
    And if you couldn't take it what is you fuckin me forrah!
    Ya niggas know how to act
    And when we arrive niggas know we come to pushin shit back
    Im sayin

  7. Ass On Your Shoulders
    Album : Genesis

    [People talking]

    [Hook: Kokane]
    Likes to go, eventual
    Lead you home, come inside
    Why you got your ass on your shoulders
    Now, tryin' to spit at a bitch
    I lead inside
    Why you got your ass on your shoulders

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Yeah bitch put on an outfit, dazzle ya hair
    Come in the club fit to take you home and frazzle the hair
    Bitch understand I must have got a handle in here
    Why you open up ya ass and let me travel in there
    Create a scandal in there
    Don't talk, let me pull it out to add another angle in there
    Let me ride the back of yo ass like a camel in there
    Pussy hot like she lit a fuckin' candle in there
    Remember I was tryin' to get my drink in the slot
    And you was same girl actin' all stinkin' the spot
    It was funny how I thought I wasted breath on the broad
    A friend couldn't find her cause shorty left with the God
    And then I took her back to the crib, you can figure it out
    I'm diggin' it out with the dick in her mouth
    Get cha' homegirl to come start lickin' ya out
    And swingin' about until I start kickin' em' out
    Because ya...

    [Hook: Kokane]

    [Busta Rhymes]
    I'm sayin' she fuck a nigga like she want the God to lay in a hearse
    Makin' me curse, hope you relate to my verse
    And what be makin' it worse
    That they be the same bitches frontin' like they wasn't with it at first
    Actin' too good for niggas with your ass on your shoulders
    But now you'll be fuckin' a nigga till he fall in a coma
    I remember how you acted in the front of ya friends
    As I remember now you give me head in front of my Benz
    So now I'm smackin' it up, while you backin' it up
    With a car load of bitches now I'm packin' it up
    Now ya whole crew comin' and we whackin' em' up
    Let me beat the pussy till I start blackin' it up
    Got bitches diggin' in my back scratchin' it up
    Got em' screamin' shatterin' glass crackin' it up
    Get cha' homegirl to come start lickin' ya out
    Ass swingin' about till I start kickin' em' out
    Because ya...

    [Hook: Kokane]

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Sayin' in ya crib gettin' ya shit right sprayin' yourself
    With perfume that mean the dude start playin' yourself
    Ya too fly to let ya friends know ya lovin' a nigga
    So instead ya front like you ain't really fuckin' a nigga
    But still I really love to sit on my dough
    And there's nothin' I love when ya keep ya shit on the low
    Get cha' homegirl to come start lickin' ya out
    Ass swingin' about till I start kickin' em' out
    Because ya...

  8. Betta Stay Up In Your House
    Album : Genesis

    Yea, I know it's kinda cold outside
    Bring your nasty ass inside
    ('Eddie you should know better..' - [C. Mayfield])
    Play yourself a dark corner motherfucker, yea
    ('Brother, you know you're wrong..' - [C. Mayfield])

    Come on, can't stop, won't stop, rockin' for you niggas
    'Cause I rep the street and Johnnie Cochran for you niggas
    And I, got a state gun cockin' for you niggas
    (twenty-one) legal (gun) shots

    [Rah Digga]
    Poppin' for you niggas
    And I, blow tones, more force than cyclones
    Shit is on everytime I catch a Ron Jones
    Thug bitch, rock boots and hoops with rhinestones
    (Got the) key (to the) city and (run the crime zone)

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Now come on, take something, shake something, break something
    Stop, close your shop, you niggas ain't sayin' nothin'
    Niggas be frontin' and knowin' they ain't really weighin' nothin'
    Betta (stop) 'fore we (pop) and really (get to sprayin' something)

    [Busta] Flood it up
    [Digga] Whip it up
    [Busta] Smoke it up
    [Digga] Blooded up,
    Niggas straight tryin' to brake, I tell 'em shut it up,
    I spit the ill for real, ain't nothin' buttered up,
    (Flipmode) doin' it (everybody) love it up

    East coast, what up? West coast, what up?
    Midwest, what up? Dirty South, what up?
    All my chickenheads, put it in your mouth,
    It's Flipmode, better stay up in your house
    All my thugs, what up? Thug bitches, what up?
    Street niggas, what up? Stack riches, no doubt
    We got the block locked take another route,
    It's Flipmode, better stay up in your house
    My niggas HOOK

    [Rah Digga]
    Dirtiest, wordiest, Jersey it's wetter than a mile
    I stalk like pedophiles, no body get's saved when I bless the child
    Gettin' (eight) like (snapper) you too fessed to vow

    [Busta] Hold up
    [Digga] Run on
    [Busta] Get up
    [Digga] Come on

    [Busta Rhymes]
    And put every single nigga where I'm from on
    (Bitches) all in the (spot) go head (and get your) fun on
    (Niggas keepin' it) movin' (go head) and get your (thug on)

    [Rah Digga]
    (What on) earth possesed y'all to try a lil' (drunk) lil' (high)
    Big heads in the sky make (niggas) straight (cry)
    Without Mo' and Dry, take it down (homeboy) got bigger fish to fry
    Fuck that (Other nigga) Rush that (sucker nigga)

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Niggas love the way we sound up on another Digga
    (Hot D) but I got another younger brother bigger
    (Digga) pass me the Henny so I can take another swigger


    [Rah Digga]
    Switch it up like Ak-Nel
    Why you hit a dry spell,
    Cats like you get no reply on the Skytel
    (Hate y'all) Raps like Eminem hate Britney
    (Bonafide) MC (Who) fuckin' with me?

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Top niggas better give props nigga
    ('Fore you get dropped) fuck around and get your shit popped nigga,
    Flip-flop niggas, you could (really get your shit mopped)
    Or left to lay up in a pit stop nigga

    [Digga] Spillin' it
    [Busta] Feelin' it
    [Digga] Killin' it
    [Busta] Come on!

    [Rah Digga]
    The hardest MC don't want flex no more
    (Make it hot) everytime I rock, rest assured
    Shit'll have that (who could rock) the raw best award, nigga

    [Busta] Look it up
    [Digga] Cook it up
    [Busta] Shook it up
    [Digga] Book it up

    [Busta Rhymes]
    When we (rock) you shouldn't watch (promoters) nook it up
    (Raise the level a little) you know (my niggas) took it up
    (In and outta big) figgas while me and (Digga)

  9. Bladow!!
    Album : Anarchy

    Now (now)
    Ready for wylin' my niggas
    Let's set it like we on an island my niggas
    I'm with it (What what what what)
    My clique startle bitches
    With a remarkable sparkle
    For my bitches with me (What what what what)
    You know we stay dumb
    And keep shop running
    Just the like the 24-hour deli
    The way y'all niggas be popping that shit you be talking
    Y'all niggas don't mean nothing
    But a 24-hour celly
    To talk that funny shit
    To someone you know
    While I bag these bitches
    And take them to 24-hour telly
    Type of chickens to let me get in they belly
    Little sexy thug bitches
    Who want me to fuck them to Makeveli
    Then get with my niggas and smoke up a ounce
    Crowd up in whatever amounts
    Making bitches skip to my bounce
    So whenever we be shining like diamond
    Fresher than the fragrance of limon
    When we strike
    It's all in the timing
    Corporate niggas ball on how we be stylin'
    Fucking with huge contracts
    With white beaters on
    On the day of the signing
    Making all my bitches check for this shit
    My live niggas know the truth
    That's why they always got respect for this shit

    Bust one for me, Bladow!
    All my niggas holding they gun with me, Bladow!
    And resting and stacking they ones with me, Bladow!
    My peeps who hang around where I'm from with me, Bladow!
    Who run with me, Bladow!
    Bust one for me, Bladow!
    My bitches that'll fuck till they cum with me, Bladow!
    Wylin' at me, having they fun with me, Bladow!
    In this club all they keep beating they drums with me, Bladow!
    In a slung with me, Bladow!
    Bust one for me, Bladow!

    And now we mash y'all
    Harass y'all
    Until the shit we doing pass y'all
    You know we steadily, readily
    Give it to niggas
    And blow up the spot for niggas
    Before we do the dash y'all
    Ain't nothing wrong until we perform
    Y'all niggas know we bout to blast y'all
    Me and my niggas crash the party
    If my niggas were shitters
    Splash bitches before we flash y'all
    Now what's up
    All of my niggas salute
    Where we get busy
    Gimme me my loot
    All way up in a box with a suit
    Shit that I tell you will all be the truth
    Stay on a live nigga recruit
    And take y'all niggas back to the root
    Tying my laces all up in my boot
    All the bitches say that I'm cute
    Blowing on it just like a flute
    And now
    Before we blind y'all
    We shine and remind y'all
    Should be gappy
    Always one of a kind y'all
    We constructing a new design y'all
    Better keep up my niggas
    Because you will get left behind y'all
    Let us bust a bottle of wine now
    And celebrate in the name of them niggas
    That control the times now
    Now watch it
    As we just pick up the pace
    You just might a hole in your face
    My crew might take a whole of the space
    Obligated just to keeping you dumming
    And get the breaking all the shit up in club
    Once you know that we coming
    My bitches check for this shit
    My live niggas know the truth
    That's why they always got respect for this shit

    Bust one for me, Bladow!
    All my niggas holding they gun with me, Bladow!
    And resting and stacking they ones with me, Bladow!
    My peeps who hang around where I'm from with me, Bladow!
    Who run with me, Bladow!
    Bust one for me, Bladow!
    My bitches that'll fuck till they cum with me, Bladow!
    Wylin' at me, having they fun with me, Bladow!
    In this club all they keep beating they drums with me, Bladow!
    In a slung with me, Bladow!
    Bust one for me, Bladow!

    To all my niggas and all my bitches
    That just wanna live
    Live good
    Feel good
    Just bounce to this shit
    Come on
    Bounce to this shit
    All my niggas and my bitches
    Just bounce to this shit
    Come on
    Bounce to this shit
    Flipmode constantly
    Enough of that

  10. Break Ya Neck
    Album : Genesis

    Yea.. Check it out, see
    The only thing you need to do right here is,
    Is nod your fuckin head
    Yeah, yeah
    Break ya fuckin neck bitches
    Yeah, yeah
    Here we go now..

    Where we goin now?
    Where we goin now?
    Give it away, give it away, give it away now
    Give it away, give it away, give it away now
    Just give it away nigga
    Yeah, here we go now

    [Verse 1]
    Tell me wat'chu really wanna do (Come here ma)
    Talk to a nigga, talk with me
    You look like you could really give it to a nigga,
    from the way you talk and the way ya try to walk for me
    The way you really try to put it on a dawg
    Threw ya hips like ya never did before for me
    The way you break yo' back, and I break yo' neck,
    and the way you try to put it on the floor for me
    (Come on!) Come on (Come on!) Oh yeah
    Tell me where my niggas is at (Ok!!)
    Lemme address y'all niggas one time,
    while I lock that down, and I hit'cha wit that (YOU GONE!)
    That bomb shit, y'all niggas gone all day
    Be the nigga in the drop,
    Y'all niggas know every time I come through,
    this motherfucker, where we always takin the ride
    (So let me do this bitch)
    Y'all niggas know when we come, we be makin it flop,
    the way we makin it hot'll make a nigga wanna stop... [pause]
    Get money, then cash that check for me
    All my niggas just bust yo' tech for me
    Everybody from every hood bang yo' head,
    'til you break your motherfuckin head for me!

    Just let me give you real street shit,
    to rap in yo' shit with
    We clap yo' seat, we whyle this heat
    Keep bouncin up and down these streets
    So nod yo' head and
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Bang yo' head until you start to
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Break yo' neck nigga!
    Break yo' neck!

    [Verse 2]
    Come along now (Let's put it down nigga!)
    When I bounce back and you know I done caught my breath,
    y'all niggas all know how we do,
    when the way we bang niggas in the head, and we do it to death
    (We fold 'em back whodi!) The fire boy, you know we bakin a ounce
    I know you love the way we be givin you the music, makin you bounce
    Now fuck it up just a little for my niggas,
    everytime we come through niggas know that we did it for y'all (Uh-huh)
    And the way we do it for the people,
    niggas know we always give it to y'all
    I said bounce (Come on!)
    In the day time or the night, when ya creepin along,
    Well just bang this shit up in the truck,
    while you break yo' neck, now motherfucker try to figure my flow
    See the way we come right through (When we come right through!)
    We be always blowin the spot, again and again,
    and make a nigga really wanna STOP... [pause]
    Better tell yo' crew, yo' peeps,
    all my niggas better put they troops on
    And gather up your soldiers nigga,
    you know you better keep yo' boots on
    All my niggas in the place (Aiyyo!)
    Wave your hands high now, and the way we put it down,
    make a nigga wonder what he really gonna try now
    What'cha really wanna do?
    Just place your bet, and put'cha money where ya mouth is (Ah-hoo)
    All my niggas in the street just break yo' neck and keep on boun-cin!


    [Verse 3]
    Here we go, and you know everytime Busta-Bus be holdin the fort,
    my nigga watch how we shuttin it down,
    The way we put it on, comin through like a steamroller,
    me and Dre nigga ain't no fuckin around
    My nigga (WHAT!) Yeah whattup,
    Me and my team got a link cuz you know we stay choppin it up
    And when get up in the club,
    or how my niggas at the bar how we lockin it up
    And we get a little (High!) And we get a little (Drunk!)
    And we get a little (Crunk! Come on!)
    Lemme give y'all niggas some shit,
    that'll make you wanna bang this out yo' trunk (Come on!)
    Get money, then cash that check for me
    All my niggas just bust yo' tech for me
    Everybody from every hood, bang yo' head,
    'til you break yo' motherfuckin neck for me!

  11. Call The Ambulance
    Album : It Ain't Safe No More...

    Yeah.. Busta Rhymes now, Flipmode now, check it
    See we in two-thousand-and-three already, catch up to us
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hah, huh

    Now motherfuckin case closed
    The shit blow your speaker, keep turnin your base low
    Spaz out because I motherfuckin say so
    Before I blow this bitch like we down in Waco
    Thick in cock diesel, that's the way we roll
    Big truck shit, even my bitch whippin the Range Rov'
    We 'bout to skyrocket and THE WAY WE GO
    The way the bitches lookin love THE WAY WE BLOW
    Check it, we light shit up like Broadway yo
    The crack-head rappers better JUST SAY NO
    Before I turn stupid and back the heat slow
    Lay and wait for niggaz in the back street yo
    Weak flow, take your shit like I'm comin to Repo
    Create a crowd scene and stack a bunch of people
    We bustin through the doors, shootin through your peephole
    The shoot that never miss is like shootin a free throw
    All you niggaz better go and..

    [Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    Put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people
    I'll put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out
    Call the ambulance

    Catch sixteen to remove your organs
    H-2-O ridin round in same orbits
    Notorious from New York to New Orleans
    House come with the lake swimmin with dolphins
    Fifty keys with large proportions
    Caught a few niggaz on money extortions
    Niggaz snitch, F.B.I. is hawkin
    Call Johnny Cochran, yo this nigga is walkin
    Shit, we got to close down the club
    Me and my cousin Bust, we like Crockett and Tubbs
    Pushin Lambo's, big chains and dubs
    Lead the Flipmode security with snubs
    Uppin club levels, hundred G's and up
    And if them ducks rollin Bust I'm beatin it up
    The streets ain't safe, yo we heatin it up
    The party's on smash, now we tweakin it up
    The bitches want this dick so they eatin it up

    [Busta] Now all you bitches better go and..


    Flipmode, we in heavy conjunction
    We shut it down in every function
    Beat you in yo' head until your brain malfunction
    Yo Bust, call the label, tell 'em we in production
    Pinky ring status so it's no discussion
    Stop talkin shit, niggaz dodgin and duckin
    I'm cream cheese with the english muffin
    I still got respect in the Flatbush junction, HEY

    [Busta Rhymes]
    Huh, it's like we shakin down a dude
    We like a pack of dogs that come to take a nigga food
    My niggaz flip quicker than a FUCKIN interlude
    I beat niggaz head and blood drippin through a tube
    Peep bitch, I'm only here to change the fuckin mood
    And freeze you niggaz money like a nigga gettin sued
    And leave you in the church watchin your body gettin viewed
    Don't get it fucked up or even misconstrued
    All you niggaz better go and..

  12. Dangerous
    Album : When Disaster Strikes

    Hey, another one of them Flipmode joints
    Busta Rhymes y'all, word mother y'all, check it out y'all
    Just swing to the left, swing to the right
    Make ya feel good, feel alright
    One time, feel good yeah y'all
    Busta Rhymes in the place y'all
    Makin you feel real good y'all
    Flipmode is the Squad in the place y'all

    [Verse One: Busta Rhymes]

    Buckwild to all of my niggaz who don't care
    Floss like a bunch of young black millionaires
    Makin ya run, me and my Dunn, stackin my ones
    Floss a lil', invest up in a mutual fund
    Blowin the horn, a sense of every day I was born
    Never dream I see a nigga landscaping my lawn
    Dangerous, my nigga shit be accurate
    Have to get, the flow be so immaculate
    Aiyyo, aiyyo, watchin my dough, sippin my Moe'
    Slippin in slow, them pretty bitches sayin hello
    Anyway go 'head and diss, play your Oil of Olay
    Little honeydip within a little Cariola
    I don't mean to hold you up but I got somethin to say
    Swear to only give you hot shit everyday
    Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
    You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

    [Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

    This, is, serious
    We could make you delirious
    You should have a healthy fear of us
    Cause too much of us is dangerous
    So dangerous, we so dangerous
    My Flipmode Squad is dangerous
    So dangerous, we so dangerous
    My whole entire unit is dangerous

    [Verse Two: Busta Rhymes]

    Hold your breath, we swingin it from right to left
    Word to Wyclef, nigga shit be hot to death
    Stayin Alive, you know only the stronger survive
    Holdin my heat, under my seat, whippin my five
    Bassline for all of my people movin around
    Give me a pound, all of my niggaz holdin it down
    Cuttin you up, the new shit, ruckin you up
    Fuckin you up, my black hole, suckin you up
    Back in the days, a nigga used to be ass out
    Now a nigga holdin several money market accounts
    Blaze the street, and then I would just like to announce
    Feelin my groove, my jigga jigga makin you bounce
    Others is fair, me and my niggaz breakin the bread
    Straight gettin it, we got you niggaz holdin your head
    Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
    You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

    [Interlude: Busta Rhymes]

    One time y'all
    Throw your hands real high y'all
    Yea, get down y'all
    Let me see you all y'all
    Busta Rhymes, Flipmode y'all
    Nineteen ninety eight y'all
    Ha, get down ya'll
    Let's have a ball y'all

    [Verse Three: Busta Rhymes]

    Feelin the heat up in the street rockin the beat
    Step up in the club, take me to my reserved seat
    Comin around, all of my niggaz surround me
    So much bottles of liquor, y'all niggaz'll drown me
    Makin ya drunk, feelin the funk, blazin the skunk
    Stay hittin with the shit that blow a hole in ya trunk
    Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
    You strange to us that's when we gettin dangerous, come on

  13. Do It To Death
    Album : Extinction Level Event

    Huh huh-huh huh-huh huh huh-huh-huh huh
    Huh huh-huh HUH HUH-huh huh-huh-huh huh
    Huh huh-huh, huh huh WOOOH!!!
    Yeah, everybody, c'mon
    Here we go party people WOOOH

    Pull up in the whip, pop the trunk, feel it?
    Fear for the will of baboon funk, ya hear it?
    Me and my nigga Richie was itchy to meet some women
    Met some chickens, they was actin so snobby and bitchy, fuck it
    Pass me the sticky,
    the chicky wanted to leave me with a kiss and a hickie
    I ain't wit it but give me a quicky
    I ain't in to doin the licky-licky
    even though you be lookin so pretty,
    I own all of my shit, never 50-50
    Oodle noodles all 'dose fools never refuse
    Accuse me for the bruise
    Chick outta rattle and sound, better tighten the screws
    Runnin and gunnin, kinda stunnin
    the way we be comin around, slummin, wylin and dollin
    My nigga Horace kick up a nigga like Chuck Norris
    Got some other niggas lost way up in the forest
    Hang you up in a harness, label me and all of my niggas the hardest
    Fuck around, be the next 'Formerly Known As' artist
    Layed out with a goddess, pretty lilly Adonis
    Besides all of that, niggas is 'nomous, I make you all a promise
    The promise is that I'm so dominant and that I am so prominent
    captured the whole of Asia as a continent
    Oh shit, I be comin and tumblin down
    rumblin, stumblin down
    Freaky prophet with unusual musical sound
    Bringin the ruckus, you motherfuckers be givin me pounds
    So many sound, give me the camcorder and a city with plans
    Me and my fam, hustle and tussle in makin this groove, me and my mans

    How we gon' do this? (MAKE THEM MOVE)
    Keepin it live (WHERE MY NIGGAS IS AT?)
    Stackin my paper (PUT IT AWAT SAFE)
    Straight buckwild, let me see your hands
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)

    Yo! Pin or a needle, make you wobble or weeble
    Niggas is feeble, back in the day I used to get money illegal
    Get some ass, cop a room down at the Regal
    Hit you wit so much drama make niggas always wait for the sequel
    Yo there ain't no equal on how we be reppin for the people
    Yo there really ain't no equal.....
    Ask Hillary, met her down on Flatbush and Tillory
    She killin me, got me crazy, wylin, actin straight grizzly
    We never made it too far together,
    I left her standin on Franklin and Willoughby
    Another mystery to me
    While she still on the corner kissin at me, hissin at me
    Ignorin these bitches, they're angry, now they're riffin at me
    Vital and critical, literal lyrical, make niggas pitiful
    Go to the clinical, examine your physical
    Frightening and enlightening at the same time
    Get the goods and price them, and doin the heist again
    You thinkin we would be nice again
    We on a mission, we don't need none of your advice again
    Hold me down BABY, pitter patter, you chitter chatter too much
    I'ma splitter splatter your blidder bladder,
    make you spill out your guts

    How we gon' do this? (MAKE THEM MOVE)
    Keepin it live (WHERE MY NIGGAS IS AT?)
    Stackin my paper (PUT IT AWAT SAFE)
    Straight buckwild, let me see your hands
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)
    What we gon' do? (DO IT TO DEATH)
    Flipmode Squad, HELL YEAH!
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    Flipmode Squad, HELL YEAH!
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    Aiyo, how we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    Aiyo, Flipmode Squad, HELL YEAH!
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)
    How we gon' do? (WE GON' DO IT TO DEATH)

  14. Do My Thing
    Album : The Coming

    Hahahhahhhhhahhhh, ah!

    [in background:] Watch me get down and just do my thing baby [8X]

    Whoooo! Yes yes y'all
    Busta Rhymes in the place to be, in the place to be
    Hah, Flipmode is the place to be, in the place to be
    Hah, party people it's me, let me do my thing
    Let me do my thing, let me do my thing
    Baby doll follow me baby
    Let me do my thing, just, check me out now

    Open up your door, let me on in
    I just be wonderin -- if I could 'do my thing baby'
    Y'all think fast, before I get, all in your ass
    Bend your frame like plexiglass
    You motherfuckers, be actin like you, don't know the half
    You and your whole staff, make me laugh
    Hah-hah-hah, hoh, y'all, you need to sing my song
    With your similar features like Olivia Newton-John
    Damn, OHH! I make the whole place warm, then
    hit you with some shit that make you niggaz look deformed
    Now, stay tuned to every Busta Rhymes, coming soon
    I will King Kong on niggaz like guerilla monsoon, soon
    Whoaahhh, what seems to be the whole analysis?
    Busta Rhymes just be rippin shit, type miraculous
    Bang you on your head so hard, shit be formin callouses
    Let me get this loot so we can move up in these palaces

    [in background:] Watch me get down and just do my thing baby [8X]

    Word is bond
    Let me do my thing, let me do my thing
    Let me do my thing
    Flipmode is the Squad, let us do our thing
    Let us do our thing, hah
    Yes yes baby, Busta Rhymes
    Let me do my thing!
    Let let let me do my thing, hah!

    When I step in the place you should keep your mouth closed
    Take your fat finger out your nose
    You should just pay attention, and watch how I wild on records
    Make you sing, 'The Lord is my shepherd!'
    In the process I do away with all nonsense
    Hit you with magic like my name was Pocahontas
    The dread, gon' make you party til you dead
    Niggaz quick to talk shit.. OOPS! Upside your head
    Put your head to bed -- let me do my thing -- nuff said
    Shit so hot make your chickenhead do the spread
    Tell me what you said -- I said I never leave you misled
    While you bullshit, I'd rather get the lucci instead
    Hah-huh-hah-hee-hah! Flip until you fall
    Whylin in your whip, til you crash into a brick wall
    Through the nine-six, I be that nigga that be priceless
    Always blowin up your spot, bringin more surprises
    You, you know you really need to come clean
    Let me do my thing, don't you even try to intervene
    I will endanger your species like an ostrich
    Hold you hostage, and crazy feed you swine sausage
    HAH! I be the number one chosen just to keep you open
    Chill with your thoughts I got your brain frozen
    Pay the prices made the needed sacrifices
    To present the grand opening of Flipmode Enterprises

    [in background:] Watch me get down and just do my thing baby [8X]

    Hah hah, hahhahhh!
    Whohh, let me do my thing!
    Let me do my thing, please!
    Let me do my thing - Flipmode is the Squad y'all!
    Let us do our thing, please, let us do our thing
    Oh yes it's me, yes it's the Squad
    Flipmode, we gon' do our thing

    Let me do my thing for nine-five, nine-six, suck dick
    Yes I got the bag full of brand new tricks
    Dead in the face, yes I'm gon' hit you with hits
    Oh my God, me and my niggaz..

  15. Do The Bus A Bus
    Album : Extinction Level Event

    Yo Bus a Bus (yeah)
    Yo Bus a Bus (c'mon, c'mon)
    Yo Bus a Bus, (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Flipmode motherfucker Flipmode y'all)

    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH, yeah yi-yeah yea)
    Yo Bus a Bus (ka-c'mon, ki-c'mon)
    Yo Bus a Bus, (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yi-yeah yea)

    Floss time, Busta Rhymes shine on every primetime
    Mastermind gettin this paper now cross the fine line
    Money plenty sippin gently with the Bentley
    My Bentley runneth over empty what gifts you sent me
    Then you broke the last rule, frontin like we was mad cool
    You damn fool, come around frontin wearin your man's jewels
    WHOO! Play the part, they want me to start shit
    Get on your mark quick and target, corner the market
    Peep how we're movin this, keep improvin this
    See you in this because you love the way me and my crew be doin this
    Have a ball, I'm not mad at ch'all, where the alcohol
    I ain't messin with you at all, girl your ass too small
    Cop the hot shit, write it off while you bite it off
    and try to fight it off, you're faggot you wack and your light is off
    Bite the dust, you like to fuss, look right at us
    I know you like to cuss, who could you trust to bring the rush?
    Now do the..

    Yo Bus a Bus (a c'mon, keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (ay-yeah I like just what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

    Yo Bus a Bus (a'cmon, just keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (oh yeah I like just what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo-yo yo all and together now)

    TURN IT OFF, turn back me on go get your mack on
    and keep the track goin and latch on hope you can catch on
    Follow the beat you sweet bitches and get your dance on
    Tipsy off a little Cristi' a little ? Dom
    Barbeque back at the mansion, feel like a champion
    Collapse on, my thing orthapedic to rest your back on
    Nowadays Flipmode money be runnin mad North
    Fuck around, dig in my treasure, feel my forty-five long
    Ride through, about to slide through, I'm right beside you
    Mind you, my system be bangin, adjust my EQ
    Peek-a-boo, we not seekin you, focus on being you
    There's only one of me, cause you copy, there might be THREE of you
    Classic and so essential, we monumental
    Powerful, we predisential, we BOMB your mental
    Bite the dust, you like to fuss, look right at us
    I know you like to cuss, who could you trust to bring the rush?
    Now do the..

    Yo Bus a Bus (hey c'mon, let's keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (oh yeah I like just what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

    Yo Bus a Bus (a c'mon, let's keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (oh yeah I like just what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

    HIT ME OFF, you Speak'n'Spell and freak it well
    so no need to dwell, check in the mirror, my pockets swell
    Shit sound so intermediate, my ingredient
    is to immediately rep for everyone you see me with
    You little eedyot, I exile you and your X-File
    You and your next trial, and demolish your little rap style
    Black child, I'm takin offensive, we too impressive
    To the naked eye, the way we floss sure be expensive
    OOOH! Run up the fader, ain't nuttin greater
    Still a little hater be gettin paper go meet your maker
    Undertaker now go shake whatcha momma gave ya
    Shake-a shake-a now we trippin the circuit breaker
    Model up and swallow up and turn the throttle up
    Break the bottle up in the hip with the greatest follow up
    Bite the dust, you like to fuss, look right at us
    I know you like to cuss, who could you trust to bring the rush?
    Now do the..

    Yo Bus a Bus (a c'mon, just keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (oh yeah I like it what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

    Yo Bus a Bus (oh, c'mon, just keep it movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (yeah, oh yeah I like just what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

    Yo Bus a Bus (yeah, a yeah keep movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (oh yeah I like, what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, aiyyo yo yo-yo yo yo)

    Yo Bus a Bus (yo, c'mon, keep movin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (yeah, I like what you doin)
    Yo Bus a Bus (UHH) rockin to the beat
    (Aiyyo, yo yo-yo yo all and together now)

  16. Enjoy Da Ride
    Album : Anarchy

    'We just sparkle now'
    'Yeah, We just sparkle now'
    'We just gon' sparkle now'
    'All niggas, yeah, we gon' sparkle now'
    'Yeah, we gon' shiiine aaand we are gon' sparkle now'
    'Yeah, Yeah we gon....ha'

    Yo, Yo You know I be the maestro
    Rages are (brand spankin' fresssshhh!!)
    And always with the right glow
    Get ya hyper like a nitro taebo cycle
    We 'bout to knock it outta sight yo..ha
    Ya know I keep a tight flow, ever since a little nigga yo
    They always say they might blow
    Nowaday we shinin bright yo
    Even the cool joints'll make a nigga straight to wanna fight though
    High roller, mind blowin', wild bonin'
    Take y'all niggas for a little ride just like they motherfuckin cyclonin'
    Yo, you know my niggas stay holdin'
    Now we see some jealous niggas on the side all in they mouth foamin'
    While we roamin' and we zonin' play the right role
    White bowl, we still'll take a nigga white goal
    Before we break fast break glass take trash
    I'll bust ya shit and go and chase ass
    I'm sayin' this now

    [Chorus (2x)] [Busta Rhymes]

    All my party people (party people!)
    You need to come inside (come inside now!)
    Because we got it people (ya know we got it for ya!)
    So just enjoy the ride (yeah, enjoy the ride now bitches!)

    Yo, you know I be the captain
    Blaze it out and bring you all the hottest scene of action
    I gotta gotta give it give it to ya (Oooooh!)
    Let me light a L pass a glass of henny to ya (Woooh!)
    Now let me get my little shine on rhyme on
    And give ya shit to keep ya mind on
    Check it, I keep toast and rock the most
    Break it down blow the sheet up and vanish like a ghost
    Whether you're spanish or speak another language I hope
    The way we damage shit I hope you're the cult, my nigga
    Check it, eh, you know I be the champion hands on
    And make the bitches get they dance on
    Black it out from the back of da house
    To the front, whatever you want
    Fuck what they yappin about
    Eh eh, before we ride we check ransom
    Smokin' the spot, like how we smoked the live in the mansion
    Yeah, the way we hold bank roll
    Cheddar so thick, sometimes the shit done made me have to stack folds
    Ha, we all up in ya asshole
    So hot shit possess you and get all in ya damn soul
    We got you drenched drippin up in the spot
    We took it from you now we holdin' the rock (D-O!)
    The type of shit that make ya rush sometin' touch sometin' buss sometin'
    And make you wanna go and fuck sometin'
    I'm only talking to...

    [Chorus (4x)]

    [Busta Rhymes]
    'Just float just like we all in the ocean'
    'Yeah, yeah, see, we 'bout to sparkle now'
    'We are gon' sparkle now please, now'
    'Just let us sparkle now, yeah, yeah, we gon...ha'
    'Yeah, ha ha...we gon' sparkle nooowww!'

  17. Everybody Rise
    Album : Extinction Level Event

    New York, Jersey, Philly, B-more, D.C.
    Virginia, Atlanta, everybody rise!!! Cmon!
    N.C., L.A., Texas, Detroit, Chicago, Miami,
    N.O., Cleveland, rise!!! Cmon!
    Denver, Boston, Nashville, Seatle, Albany,
    Kansas city, everybody rise!!! Cmon!
    Buffalo, St. Louis, New Haven, Kentucky,
    Oakland, Phoenix, Vegas, everybody rise!!! Cmon!

    I'll be that live motherfucker from the flipmode squad
    that readjusts this shit properly and hits you real hard
    Then we affect with hard shit that sounds so beautiful
    (Why now?) Couldn't find a better time more suitable
    to send out a signal and round up all my niggas recruitable
    Type of nigga to torture your ass, stick some shit in your cutical
    Wait a minute, let me talk to all my niggas at hand
    Im'a hit all of my niggas, ya'll just follow the plan
    just get money and capitalize and hold on your stash
    Fuck the slouches, we keep it moving and no looking back
    A lot of lost motherfuckers stuck on what they gonna be
    they aint gonna be me, gotta get it before the year 2G
    To all my niggas, let them do your thing and get yours quick
    whole plan, the whole shabang, nigga fuck the bullshit
    i meant this ,ever relentless, for dropping these bombs
    getting paid for securing shit for my seed and my mom
    for my physical ,and my entire flipmode squad
    my whole gang is fertilized, my mom's peaced to the gods
    hold it down for live niggas in the name of hip-hop
    off with another path where niggas are made to struggle and starve
    fuck that! im here to fight for mine, adapting your ass
    if you or the goverment try to do away with my cash
    one of the most extraordinary that comes from a place
    we demand to stab you in the back and smile in your face
    take all entire niggas off the face of the earth
    and do away with all them niggas before i get to them first
    so throw it, niggas dont get it and run right thru it
    get with, is to all of my niggas who know how to do it
    survival of the most fit for real niggas, no doubt!
    get whats yours from out this fucker before your time run out [X2]
    and get whats yours from out this fucker before your time run out

    Welcome all you motherfuckers to a global event warning
    Here has now come the dawn of the new millenium
    The extinction level event
    All my motherfuckers stay tuned!

  18. Everybody Rise Again
    Album : Genesis

    Let's get it goin
    Yeah... yeah
    I'm about to Picasso a new picture for you mufuckas
    I'm baaack... yeah
    I just want every one of you mothafuckas that here to do one thing with me

    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    C'mon, New York, Jersey, Philly, Bemore, D.C., Virginia, come on!
    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    N.C., ATL, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, LA, Houston

    [Verse 1]
    We bite the nigga straight outta jail, give me the money nigga
    I'll smack you stupid, ain't nuttin funny nigga
    I'll lay a nigga out and use they ass to shoot like a marble black floor
    Bloody something like a hacksaw
    And then we stash a couple gats in the bag because we at war
    Pistol whip some of these niggas, leavin em wit cracked jaws
    Battlin like we in costalon, niggas see you supposed to know
    We extremely serious niggas
    You see it's so marvelous how we just strap more, pack more
    No chichi niggas allowed, just throw em out the back door
    This lone menace got it wicked for the protenants
    You niggas soft like limp dick and lead progenes
    Blessin the younger thug wit shit to look forward to
    The god is back, so niggas is quick and to fast forward you
    Yo, this shit be straight energy
    You've been fuckin wit Flip Mode, nigga, while I'm refreshin your memory

    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    N.O., Seattle, Detroit, St Louis, Dalas, South Carolina, niggas c'mon!
    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Boston, Buffalo, Delaware, Okland, Little Rock, c'mon!

    [Verse 2]
    You see it's hectic, respect it
    Blow up your deck until my cassette is ejected
    How I will beat you just like your father, don't even bother
    However nigga, whatever nigga, who wanna follow?
    It gets coarse like the calice of a struggling black foot under privilege
    I'm quick to stick you for your whole bank book
    Bitches follow my bounce and follow my flow
    Follow me now, follow me later, follow my glow
    Ayyo, follow instructions and follow the pro
    And to follow my magic, bitches wanna follow my doe
    Keepin ya bouncing, got all my people singin the hook
    Got bitches buggin like how niggas be wild in the brook
    Look, we street niggas, while you live by the book
    Funny nigga, ain't no need to shoot yourself in the foot
    Fuck wit bitches that's gettin doe and they know how to cook
    In every struggle, I always did whatever it took!
    So all my niggas

    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    Maryland, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Utah, c'mon!
    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    Phoenix, Memphis, Nashville, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Colorado, Wyoming, fuck it
    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Overgod, South Dakota, come on!
    Everybody rise, everybody rise, everybody riiiiiiiiise
    Almafon boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Yorksman, Hatinstaton alley niggas, come on!

    Ha, yeah, everybody rise, come on
    Everybody rise again, rise wit me mufuckas
    As I welcome you all to the genesis
    A whole new foundation, A whole new idea
    A whole new experience
    A whole... entire... new... movement
    Busta Rhymes, Flip Mode Squad, I salute y'all
    Yeah, yeah, come on, everybody riiiiiiiiiiiiiiise
    Yeah, yeah, enough of the intro shit, let's get straight to it

  19. Finish Line
    Album : The Coming

    You can live true baby, you can live trife
    Whatever way you chose you got to leave your life
    Aiyyo you're running out of time, and you bout to cross
    The finish line, the finish line

    [repeat Chorus]

    [Verse One: Busta Rhymes]

    And, yo! I can't afford to waste a second
    Steppin with my eyes on niggaz checkin on my weapons
    Every millisecond, motherfuckers say they true to this
    But when they grab the microphone they shit sound like stupidness
    *beatboxing* Hah, mad to pull another vicious scandal
    I know that you can't handle when I flip from other angles now
    Feel my hot wax, burning from my melting candles
    You can't take the heat, so you switch from boots to wearing sandals
    This is for example! Shit will make a nigga curse
    When worse comes to worse, you be the first to disperse now
    We don't BELIEVE your man was living like that
    Hoping to find that nigga see exactly where his heart was at
    It's a damn shame how Son know your style, know your name
    Watch how he pull your file, make you wish you never fuckin came NOW
    Even the hardest motherfucker has his final day
    So kill that shit you talkin, and be about your fuckin way

    [Chorus 2X]

    [Verse Two: Busta Rhymes]

    Yo, everyday I see you on the block smoking
    With a bunch of niggaz scoping on how they can split you WIDE open
    You don't even know what's going on up in your circle
    Awful murder niggaz itch to leave you black blue and purple
    Ahh, your man came to put you on and tried to make you bleed
    Hit you with some shit that left you flippin mad in disbelief
    You just can't believe that niggaz that you smoke with is on it
    And the way they rass they really got to bust yo' shit!
    Thought your man was joking, paid no attention to the situation
    Got with your crew and just continued smoking
    Now your man sit and watch you panic
    In any other situation you'd be fronting like you gigantic
    I guess all that fronting is your main talent
    It's apparent, he can see right through you like you transparent
    Hah, aiyyo you need to watch your back you running out of time
    Watch your step, cuz you only inches from the finish line

    [Chorus 2X]

    [Verse Three: Busta Rhymes]

    Now, there's about a million motherfuckers on your trail
    Quick to bust your shit for every single time your words failed
    I'm watchin all the moves you makin fuck the speculatin
    Super-bitch nigga you just be fakin if I'm not mistakin
    Every move you fake you dig your grave a little deeper
    Come around me with that shit I'ma flip it to my brother's keeper
    Listen to this: overstress my emphasis
    I insist to fix and bring the noise as long as I exist
    Now you walk around the streets with all that shit you speak
    And step inside the club just to receive the illest ass beating
    HOO! Take a look around you get no type of sympathy
    Impatiently, I sit and watch you die in your own iniquity
    Hah, now you out dead and stinkin, and your eyes are no longer blinkin
    Time caught up quick, with your little BITCH way of thinkin
    Ahh, watch you diminish, while your niggaz have to put a finish
    On your misleading false image

    [Chorus 5X]

    Word is bond, bond is life
    You shall be willing to give your life
    Before your words shall fail
    All those who out there frontin, misleading they peoples
    Actin other than they really are
    It will catch up to you player, word is bond
    So that's, specifically, to all those fake motherfuckers
    Living out here on that bullshit
    Trying to act like they know what the fuck's going on

  20. Get High Tonight
    Album : When Disaster Strikes

    Before I set it off and show what I'm gonna do to ya
    Possess the bomb chocolate from off Lynden and Utica
    My real live niggas in the place and no queen
    Wave your splif high son
    Fuck the bullshit
    When your arms are open
    My palms release the bomb
    Reviving the alarm
    My word is bond
    Scream at niggas through the intercom
    Up to date, let's roller skate
    Yo my whole squad smoking aint straight unless we smoking at eight
    High rate, I always produce the potion
    Weed smoking got me moving slow motion like we floatin on relax ocean
    All my peeps who feel high
    Dont want you darkin shades, there's to much smoke up in your eye
    Keep it swingin listen to all of my bells ringin
    My get high has niggas wantin to start singin
    And this goes out to those that smoke out the bong
    And all my bitches in the place who roll they own draws
    [Chorus: repeat 2X]
    Buy a nickel bag
    Smoke a little lye
    Get high tonight
    Get high tonight
    [Verse 2:]
    Yo, bounce back you just caught the contact african black overreact
    I'm bout to bench the whole wack must interact on every track
    Blow this spot down niggas break fool and smoke across the world almanac
    My sons that don't smoke and get high
    drinkin Cognac, Hennesey, Cristal but wait
    What's goin on with dat?
    With the deal done sometimes I sip Jamaican white rum
    Taste with a little milk, I know y'all niggas want some
    Represent where you from needing some tic tacs and gum
    So a nigga breath don't blahhh!!!
    Get high, then i get fly
    When i be shopping at the atrium
    Smoking in the center of Yankee stadium
    Stand strong, yes we rock on and on
    The Flipmode stamps all of my songs
    They get a place them niggas must perfrom
    Smoke till your brain fry
    So high you can't open your eye
    My niggas need to just

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