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    size 15.0 seeds
    size 11.0 seeds
    size 8.0 seeds
    Thread of your choice (I used 8lb Fireline for mine)
    size 12 needle
    Clasp of your choice (I like using the button type maglocks)

    Step 1: Make a 2 bead ladder, 8 columns long, then connect the last column with the first, making a ring. (See note at end for link to ladder stitch instructions) (Note: Make sure to leave about a 6 to 8 inch tail to add the clasp later. )

    Step 2: Start your herringbone by picking up 2 beads, go down through the next column, and up through the next one. Repeat with two more herringbone stitches. Herringbone stitch is in italics. (note: You can go down through both beads in the starting column, or only one..... it doesn't make any difference on this first row. After this, you will only go down through one bead in each herringbone stitch.)

    Step 3: Now we want to make a space for the larger bead to fit into, so we are just going to go down through the next column, and up through the next one without adding beads.

    Step 4: Make 3 herringbone stitches around the back. When we get to the space we made, we just pick up a size 15, a size 8, and a size 15, then go up through two beads of the next column. (Note: you're going up through two because we need to step up for the next row.)

    Step 5: Make 3 herringbone stitches, and when we get to the center again, we'll fill in by picking up one 15, then go through the 8, pick up another 15 and go up through 2 beads of the next column.

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you get it to the length you need, minus about an inch and a half for the finishing and the clasp.

    Make sure to keep your stitches snug, and your bead holes facing up. (You may have to coax the beads into position.)

    Even though this bracelet is done in the round, you will notice that it lays flat because of the large bead added in the front. [​IMG]

    This bracelet also works up nicely with Delicas. However, since they are smaller, you won't have room for the size 15.0 accent bead on either side of the size 8.0 bead. The black and silver bangles in the picture at the top of the page were made with Delicas and size 8.0 beads. A 3mm round crystal, or a 3mm cube also works great!

    For another look, you could replace the 15, 8, 15 combination in the center with one 4mm bead. On the second round after adding the bead, where you'd normally add the 15s on either side, just go through the 4mm again.

    For even more fun, try putting different color larger beads on both the front and the back. Then you can wear one color one day, and another color the next day!

    *see notes at end for the exact colors I used in this tutorial

    When you get it to the length you want, it's time to fill in the space to make it look like the other end.
    Put in your last 3 bead set (15, 8, 15) and go around the back with your herringbone stitches.

    When you get to the place where you normally add your two 15s on either side of the 8.0 bead, we'll do a ladder stitch (circle stitch?) across instead.

    Pick up 2 base seeds, go down through the 2 beads your needle was coming out of, then back up through the 2 new seeds.

    Now add 2 more beads by circle stitching them to the two you just added, then go up through the next column of beads and circle stitch the new beads to them.

    Note: This picture has a step missing. Go back down through the two new beads and back up through the column so that they are connected on both the top and bottom.

    Finishing it off.......

    If you'd like, you can needle through all the beads around the back and come back and put in the two 15s on either side of the 8.0 bead, then needle up so that you're coming out of the first column again.

    Now pick up one bead, go down through the next one, and up through the next. Repeat 3 more times so that you have 4 beads lying horizontally across the top.

    Pick up one 15.0 and go through the next bead. Repeat 3 more times so that you have four 15s. Now stitch around this circle again, pulling it snug.

    Sew back and forth through the clasp, snugging it down into the ring of beads at the end. Go through as many times as you can! These magnets are really strong, so you need as many thread passes as possible to keep it from pulling off.

    When you've secured your clasp, weave your thread into the bracelet by going up and down a few times, then clip the thread.

    These herringbone bangles are easy to make, and can have a variety of different looks depending on the beads you use, and they're reversible! They can be worn with the decorated side out, or the plain side out. [​IMG]


    Ruby's Herringbone Bangles

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