Best programs for Nokia Symbian 9.x

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    Best programs for Nokia Symbian 9.x konusu

    Best programs for Nokia Symbian 9.x | 10.4 MB

    Compiling a program for smartphones and communicators under the management of Nokia Symbian OS 9.h. Completely you wait for programs such as: Music Center - Automatic recording of calls, the program for viewing movies avi, - Convenient ICQ, View Files Microsoft, Antivirus, change your profile at a given time, reminders about birthdays, the program for viewing system information, Archive, etc.

    Year: 2008
    Feature: Software, Software Catalog
    Developer: Nokia
    Type of publication: license
    Language: English only
    Platform: Symbian
    System requirements: Nokia Symbian 9.h
    Size: 10.4 MB


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