Auto Photo Editor v3.5a

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    Auto Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo editor for your batch photo editing converter. Allowing you to easily convert multiple photo/image files at the click of a button. You can batch resize, rotate, stamp text on your images and convert format to others. It's easy to create batch files to automate routine photo processing/conversion tasks. You can set up your computer to run the batch file on a schedule and leave the routine image processing tasks to Auto Photo Editor.
    Auto Photo Editor frees you from these repetitive tasks by processing hundreds, or even thousands, of photos with a single drag-and-drop. You can save images in all popular Internet formats, include tif,gif,jpg,pcx,bmp,psd,ico,cur,png,wmf,emf,tga,px m,wbmp,jp2,j2k,dcx,crw and over 100 more graphic file formats!

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