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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer and pianist. Many people think he was one of the best composers of music of all time. He was born in the city of Salzburg on January 27, 1756. During his short life he wrote over 600 pieces of music, including the operas (music with a story) Don Giovanni and The Magic Flute. His first work was a minuet (a dance) that he wrote when he was four, and his last piece was the Requiem, which he left unfinished. Mozart could play the piano when very young and he was known as a great piano player as well as a great composer. He died close to 1am on December 5, 1791 because of rheumatic fever.

    His Family

    Mozart was born into a musical family. His father Leopold Mozart was a famous violinist and composer who worked for the Archbishop of Salzburg. He had one older sister called Maria Anna whose nickname was Nannerl (there were other brothers and sisters who died as babies). Mozart was baptized on the morning after his birth in the cathedral in Salzburg. The Latin form of his name was “Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart”. He was usually known as “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” and his nickname was “Wolfi”. The house where he was born in the street called Getreidegasse is now a Mozart museum.

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