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    liderin tanımı - ingilizce lider - leadership

    …is working with and through other people to achieve organizational goals.”
    “…is a process involving dynamic interaction with subordinates.”

    “….engages with followers in seeking to achieve not only the goals of the leader but also significant goals of the followers.”

    “…is a relationship with followers…”

    Owens, R.G. (1998) Organizational behavior in education. New York: Allyn and Bacon.

    “…is an art.” Dupree, M. (1989). Leadership is an art. San Francisco: Dell Paperbacks.

    “…is the presence and spirit of the individual who leads and the relationship created with those who are led.”

    “…is an art, an inner journey, a network of relationships, a mastery of methods, and much, much more.”
    “…ultimately must be a system.”

    “…if good, adapts to the purpose and future needs of the organization.”
    Scholtes, P.R. (1998). The leader’s handbook.
    New York: McGraw Hill.


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