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    Futbol özelliklerinin ingilizcesi - İngilizce Futbol Özellikleri - Terimleri

    attacker forvet oyuncu a player that has possession of the ball
    away game deplasmanda oynanan maç a game played at the opponent's ground
    away team konuk takım the team that is visiting the opponent's ground
    centre circle orta yuvarlak a circular marking in the centre of the field from which kickoffs are taken
    corner kick köşe atışı a restart of the game where the ball is kicked from one of the four corners of the field
    cross a pass from an attacking player near the sideline to a team player in the middle or on the opposite side of the field (also a verb)
    crossbar kale üst direği the horizontal beam across the top of a goal
    defend to resist an attack
    defenders savunma oyuncusu the players that do not have possession of the ball
    draw berabere kalmak a game that ends with both teams having the same number of goals
    dropped ball hava atışı a way of restarting the game where the referee drops the ball between two players
    equalizer beraberlik golü a goal that makes the score even (the same for both teams)
    extra time uzatma dakikaları a further period of play added on to the game if the scores are equal
    first half the first 45 minutes of the game, before half-time
    fixture spor müsabaka a game played on a particular date
    fixture list a programme of games
    forward one of the three or four players on a team who play at the front and are responsible for most of the scoring
    foul an unfair or invalid piece of play, against the rules
    free kick frikik serbest vuruş a kick given to a player for a foul by the opposition; the player kicks the ball without any opposing players within ten feet of him
    friendly game a game that is not part of a serious contest
    goal 1. a ball that crosses the goal line between the goalposts and below the crossbar, winning one point 2. the structure consisting of two posts linked by a crossbar into which all goals are scored
    goal area the rectangular area 20 yards wide by 6 yards deep in front of each goal
    goal kick penaltı a way of restarting the game where the ball is kicked from inside the goal area away from the goal
    goal line the boundary or line at each end of the field
    goalkeeper, goalie the player in front of the goal who tries to stop the other team scoring
    goalpost kale direği one of the two upright posts of the goal, 8 feet high
    goal scorer golcü a player who puts the ball into the goal and so "scores a goal"
    ground the place where a game is played
    halftime devre devre arası the 5-minute rest period between the first half and second half
    hand ball a foul, when a player touches the ball with his arm or hand
    header kafa vuruşu the striking of the ball by a player with his head
    home a team's own ground.
    hooligan a violent troublemaker
    injury a wound suffered by a player (for example: broken leg, sprained ankle)
    injured player a player who has been hurt or wounded
    injury time (futbolda) uzatma süresi time added to the end of the first or second half to compensate for time lost because of player injuries
    kick to strike or hit with the foot (also a noun)
    kick-off the start of a game, or restart after a goal, when a player kicks the ball forwards

    linesman yan hakem the 2 officials who help the referee; they watch the sidelines and goal lines
    midfield ortasaha a region of the field near the midfield line
    midfield line a line that runs across the centre of the field; centre line; halfway line
    midfield player the players that play behind the forwards

    opposing team a team playing against another team
    own goal a mistake, when a team places the ball inside its own goal
    pass when a player kicks the ball to a teammate
    penalty area a rectangular area in front of the goal, 44 yards wide by 18 yards deep
    penalty kick, penalty shot a kick from the penalty spot by a player against the opposing goal keeper; awarded for the most serious violations of the rules or used in the event of a draw
    penalty spot the small circle 12 yards in front of the goal
    possession control of the ball
    red card a small card, red in colour, that the referee holds up to show that a player must leave the game for very bad behaviour
    referee the chief official; he starts and stops play, makes all decisions about the rules, and acts as timekeeper
    score (verb) to put the ball into the goal and gain a point
    score (noun) the amount of goals for each team
    score a hat trick when one player gets three goals in the same game
    scorer a player who scores or gets a goal
    scoreboard a large panel or other display that shows the current score or number of goals for each side
    second half the second 45 minutes of the game, after half-time
    send a player off when the referee tells a player to leave the field for bad behaviour
    side one of the two teams playing a game
    sideline the line that runs along the length of the field on each side; touchline
    spectator a person who watches a game (or other performance)

    striker a team's best forward who plays near the centre of the field
    studs small points on the underneath of a player's boots to help prevent slipping
    substitute yedek oyuncu a player who replaces another player on the field
    tackle rakipten top kapmak to try to take the ball away from another player by kicking or stopping it with the feet
    tie berabere kalmak when two teams have scored the same number of goals in a game; a draw
    tiebreaker Sporda eşitliği bozmak için oynanan oyun a way of choosing the winner of a game when both teams have the same number of goals, for example by a series of penalty kicks

    ticket tout karaborsacı Spor a person who tries to sell tickets at a price higher than the official price
    to keep goal kalecilik yapmak to be the goal keeper or goalie
    to score a goal topu ağlara göndermek Sporto put the ball into the goal or net
    to shoot at goal to kick the ball towards the goal
    touch line taç çizgisi the line that runs along the length of the field on each side; sideline
    underdog galip gelmesi beklenmeyen takım zayıf ve güçsüz takım Spor a team that is not expected to win
    unsporting behaviour rude or bad conduct
    whistle düdük sesi the instrument that the referee blows to create a loud, high-pitched sound
    winger kanat oyuncusu a forward who plays to the side of the striker or strikers

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