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    This is a conversation between a female shopper and a saleswoman. The shopper is looking for an outfit and matching accessories.

    Saleswoman: Hello, May I help you find something?

    Shopper: Yes, please. I am looking for an outfit for a party.

    Saleswoman: Do you want a formal wear or informal one?

    Shopper: Formal wear.

    Saleswoman: Is it an official get together or a friend’s party?

    Shopper: A friend’s party.

    Saleswoman: Well, in that case, I think you would like to go for dresses, right?

    Shopper: Yes, please.

    Saleswoman: Do you have something in mind, Madam?

    Shopper: I want something short and elegant.

    Saleswoman: Certainly, Madam. What size are you looking for?

    Shopper: I think size 12.

    Saleswoman: We have some nice dresses lined up here. I have chosen a couple of them for you. Would you like to take a look?

    Shopper: Yes sure. I think these are good (pointing out two from the selected few.)

    Saleswoman: Would you like to try these on?

    Shopper: Yes, please. Where are the changing rooms?

    Saleswoman: They are over there at the back, Madam.

    Shopper: Thank you.

    (Shopper tries on the dress.)

    Shopper: None of them is fitting properly. They are not good.

    Saleswoman: Are they tight, madam?

    Shopper: No, they are loose.

    Saleswoman: Would you like to try a size smaller?

    Shopper: Well, I didn’t quite like the first one after wearing it. So bring me a smaller size in the second outfit, the one in black.

    Saleswoman: Yes sure, Madam. Give me a moment.

    (Saleswoman returns with one size smaller.)

    Saleswoman: Here it is, Madam.

    Shopper: Thank you.

    (Shopper tries the dress.)

    Saleswoman: How is it now, Madam?

    Shopper: It is nice but I don’t want my dress to be in black. Do you have the same dress in red color?

    Saleswoman: I will have to look, Madam. Just a moment, please. (After having a look) I am afraid, Madam we don’t have the same size in red color. But we do have it in royal blue and pink.

    Shopper: Ok. But no, I don’t want it in either of these colors. Do you have any other dresses preferably in red or beige? I would also like to have a look at halter necks.

    Saleswoman: Yes sure, Madam. How about these two?

    Shopper: Ok, let me try.

    Saleswoman: Yes sure, Madam.

    (After trying the dresses)

    Shopper: I like this one very much.

    Saleswoman: Good. Just to inform you that this dress is on sale so there will be no refunds or exchanges at any point of time.

    Shopper: Yes, that’s fine. It is fitting perfectly. How much is the discount?

    Saleswoman: It is 30% on the maximum retail price, Madam.

    Shopper: Great. I will buy this one. Do you keep the accessories also like jewelry, shoes?

    Saleswoman: Yes sure, Madam. We have our shoes section right next to apparels. And the jewelry section is right here. I will help you with that. What kind of accessories in jewelry are you looking at?

    Shopper: I want long danglers to go with this dress. They should be chic and exclusive.

    Saleswoman: Very well, Madam. I will just show you the designs.

    Shopper: Thank you.

    Saleswoman: I think these unique Swarovski crystals will go well with your dress.

    Shopper: Can I try them?

    Saleswoman: Yes Of course, Madam.

    Shopper: They are fine but I want something exclusive.

    Saleswoman: Why don’t you try these? This pair is designer wear and is one of its kinds. The crystals are studded very neatly and perfectly.

    Shopper: Yes, they are perfect. What is the price?

    Saleswoman: It is $77, Madam.

    Shopper: I will take these.

    Saleswoman: Yes sure, Madam. Now, would you like to visit out shoe section to look into our stilettos range?

    Shopper: Yes, of course.

    Saleswoman: What is your shoes size, Madam?

    Shopper: I think it is 5.

    Saleswoman: What is the style and color you are looking at, Madam?

    Shopper: I am looking it in red color to go with this new dress of mine. And the heel needs to be very classy.

    Saleswoman: Ok. This is a stiletto from our new stock. This is a completely new design you won’t find anywhere.

    Shopper: Yes, they do seem nice. Let me try this on.

    Saleswoman: Yes, Madam.

    (After trying the sandals)

    Shopper: Can you please get me a bigger size?

    Saleswoman: Yes, sure Madam.

    Shopper: Thank you.

    Saleswoman: Here it is, Madam.

    (After trying the new size)

    Shopper: They are fitting well. Please pass on the complete pair so that I can walk around and see the comfort level.

    Saleswoman: Here it is, Madam.

    Shopper: Thank you. I think they are perfect. How much is this pair?

    Saleswoman: It is $200, Madam.

    Shopper: Are you not offering any discount?

    Saleswoman: This is a completely new stock, Madam. I am afraid, we will not be able to offer you any discount on this pair.

    Shopper: It is alright. I will take these.

    Saleswoman: Great. May I help you with anything else, Madam?

    Shopper: No, I think this is it for today.

    Saleswoman: Alright Madam. Please approach our billing section. It is at the ground floor just adjacent to the main entrance. Show them this receipt and they will hand over your purchases to you. Thank you.

    Shopper: Ok. Thank you for your help.

    Saleswoman: It is a pleasure, Madam. Have a nice party.

    Shopper: Thank you.

    (Shopper approaches the billing section and shows the receipt.)

    Saleswoman: Thank you, Madam. You bill is $ 677. How would you like to pay the bill, Madam?

    Shopper: I will pay by credit card. Here it is.

    Saleswoman: Thank you, Madam. Here is your card. Please sign the receipt.

    Shopper: Yes, sure.

    (Hands over the receipt back after signing)

    Saleswoman: Thank you, Madam.

    Shopper: Thank you.


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